Benefits Of Learning Self-Defense For Women

Even in today’s dangerous world where women being robbed, kidnapped, and raped, it has not sunk in that women need to learn self-defense. If you have never experienced where you have been attacked and powerless to defend yourself, then thinking about self-defense for women may not be on your mind. However, if you think about it, it would be better if you can protect yourself from someone who attacks you outside the mall for instance. Here are the reasons why as a woman, you need to defend yourself just as men do.


When you take a self-defense class, you will learn how to take advantage of the dangerous situation and escape from your attacker in the fastest and safest way possible. Very few attackers expect a woman like you to be able to defend herself, so the surprise thingy is your number one defense. It helps if you have a pepper spray or a stun gun or any other non-lethal self-defense as well. Some designs are small and easy to conceal and can be kept in your purse or even on your keychain for instant access.

Social Skills

When you are in a self-defense class, you get a chance to know other people who are your classmates. Having conversations with other people who are taking the course with you is an excellent way to improve your social skills. You just don’t need to forget the primary reason that you are in the class, to begin with, and that is to learn protecting yourself.

Getting in Shape

When you are learning self-defense, you will be doing a lot of exercises, which will help you in getting in shape. It is a fun way to get in shape while learning to self-defense at the same time.

While learning women self-defense, you will likely get all the benefits mentioned above. You are keeping yourself safe while increasing your confidence level at the same. It can also help if you carry non-lethal self-defense weapons at all times to improve your chances of getting away from danger. Here are some of the non-lethal or less-lethal weapons to consider.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are designed to cause pain to the attacker and interfere that assailant’s vision and breathing. You may want to choose the most lethal pepper sprays available, but keep in mind that these type of pepper sprays can be fatal by interfering with breathing. The less powerful versions are recommended if you want to keep the force non-lethal as possible.

Stun Gun

Stun guns are designed to disable an attacker through a high voltage electric shock. They are non-lethal but can also cause death or serious injury in some circumstances. There are two types of stun guns. The first one requires the users to get close enough to the attacker and press the device against the assailant’s body. The second type uses a pair of probes that allow the user to stand off from the attacker by some number of feet.